Anonymous Says They've Killed the CIA's Website (Updated)

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One of Anonymous' Twitter mouthpieces claims the hacker collective just took down It's definitely down. If this is what it looks like, it could be Anon's greatest hit so far.


The attack—so far cosigned by two of the largest Anon Twitter accounts with a combined 600,000 followers—would fall in line with the group's increasingly ambitious hit list of large corporate interests and powerful law enforcers. And it is, after all, #FuckFBIFriday, the end of the week occasion Anon often uses for hitting governmental agencies. Still, it would take a level of coordination and effort to knock off a federal site that should have revealed itself by now.

Update: Despite apparent confirmation via Twitter, nobody in Anon's IRC channels seem to have any idea what's going on.

Update 2: is still down, and no satisfactory explanation. One Anon told me the site is being DDoSed by a group of anti-pedophile hackers who are using seized kiddy porn servers as a botnet against the CIA. That'd be something!

Update 3: has now been down for well over an hour.

Update 4: It's starting to look doubtful that this is the work of Anonymous' nebulous fist. When LulzSec took down over the summer, they were quick to gloat. Now the semi-officials are mostly silent. Or talking about trivial Mexican mine hacks.


Update 5: The Twitter account where the Anon claim first originated now seems as confused as anyone else, as it tweets to a fellow associated account:

@youranonnews go figure, RT got it up from me, u retweeted and other news sites post your tweet pl0x (this msg will self destruct in T-2 lol


Update 6: The CIA's site is back up.


And what exactly are they trying to accomplish?

I mean, really, what can you do at anyway?

I know they think "ooo...look at us, We hacked the CIA!"

But they didn't, really.

All they did was ddos their public website.

A small group of script kiddies can do that.