Another Dell Laptop Goes Ka-Bloom

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It was only a month ago that we saw the first Dell laptop explosion. From which Dell said "Oops, our bad." Well it seems it has happened again, this time it was the battery catching fire in an office building.

What is even worse is that it appears to have happened while the laptop was shut. So it may have been in standby mode, which is even more frightening. I'm sitting here writing this on my Dell Inspiron 700m, and I'll have to admit, I am a little scared. Hold me. Check the Tom's Hardware link here for more pics and info.

Dell laptop goes up in smoke [Register]

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The burned out Dell in that pic looks like its my same model, a Lattitude D800. Yikes! And here I always thought it would be the power cord that always wears down and exposes wires after the warranty expires that would cause a fire!