Do we ever likes us some clocks around here, and this is the mother of all of 'em: the Antelope Audio Isochrome M10, an actual atomic clock that has that cancer-causing radiation shit right there on board. Don't let that worry you, though, its rubidium atomic technology is all shielded so it won't hurt you, and hey, it's 100,000 times more stable than that quartz watch you may be wearing right now.

But will it tell you what time it is? Ahh, it's capable of much, much more.

This sophisticated atomic clock isn't really going to give you the time of day. Used like a drumbeat on those old Viking ships, it's capable of such unbelievably near-perfect accuracy that it's able to effectively synchronize delicate audio and video processing operations. All those digital oarsmen—the components in the digital audio recording chain—must be rowing to the exact same drummer, or else precious digital samples will be lost. We used to call it "clockism" at the TV station. In fact, good jitter-free "clocking" makes digi-audio sound warm and alive and keeps video components synched together nicely without pesky artifacts.


So if you're serious about perfect audio accuracy, or if you're a well-heeled clock fetishist, $2200 might just be considered affordable.

Product Page [Antelope Audio, via Harmony Central]