Anyone at Apple Missing a Mix CD?

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One of our readers recently received an unsolicited package from Apple. That alone is kind of weird, but the contents were even stranger: a mix CD titled "Boom Boom Pow," complete with smiley faces and stars drawn in Sharpie. Updated


Apparently, the company the reader works for orders frequently from Apple. They weren't expecting anything at the time, though, so this little present came as a complete surprise. What's on it, you ask? " contains a mix of hip hop, pop, country, and a little classic rock. Bon Jovi makes at least a few appearances on the disc...."

Who knows how this ended up leaving the Apple distribution center in Memphis. Update: Reader Erik just wrote in with an explanation:

If a customer leaves a CD in a drive they typically send it back with the system, but I've seen discs sent back in separate packaging like the one shown in the picture. This was probably just a mistake.


I'd still like to think it was just a little gift for being such a loyal customer over the years.

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HP once sent me a workstation for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, my boss saw it before I could smuggle it home, but I did get a new work computer out of it. It only had a single CPU in it, though. The cheap bastards. #humor