Apollo Run: The Inevitable Small Rebellions

Meet Apollo Run, a little three-man band from Brooklyn. They are going to be really, stupidly big soon, so watch this now so you can brag about how you were a fan back when no one knew who they were.

The Inevitable Small Rebellions is the opening track from their debut full length record, Here Be Dragons, Vol. III. The video, obviously, is inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm. There's something really eerie and unsettling about having kids play all of the roles. That feeling is compounded by the weird jumpiness of the film. The whole thing was shot in slow motion, and then sped up, which means they were lip syncing in slow mo), which sounds annoyingly difficult. The song is a nice introduction to their music, which almost always mixes beautiful vocals and haunting harmonies with just enough of an edge to keep things fun.

Apollo Run is currently finishing up a U.S. tour. You can find Here Be Dragons, Vol. III on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Rdio, and Spotify. The whole album is really good. [Apollo Run]


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Having seen these guys live a few times, I stand behind my "they will be big" comment. They put on an incredible show.