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Apparently, Apple Wants All iPod Shuffle Users to Look Like Idiots

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh Apple patents, you harbingers of coolness. Sometimes, however, you announce potential pain and doom. This iPod-cum-wireless headset is one of them. There's no way I can look at these images and think that Jon Ive's powers can save it:

I don't even know why this iPod thingie—which includes microphone, wireless, headphone, memory, display, and media player—is for. Would this be paired to an iPhone? It doesn't make sense, since the iPhone is already a media player. Why would I want to have a second one on the headset itself? Maybe to connect to another non-media-playing cellphone? Do those exist anymore? Does Steve knows about this, per chance?

Steve. [Baltimore Sun via 9to5]