Apple and AT&T Sued for Selling Too Many iPhone 3Gs

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Apple/AT&T customer William Gillis was unhappy with the performance of his iPhone 3G. So he filed a lawsuit. But what's unique in this case is that the lawsuit isn't complaining just that the iPhone 3G is underperforming, but that the iPhone 3G is underperforming because it's been consciously oversold in a plot by AT&T and Apple.In his 18-page filing, Gillis points out the 3G tower power issue that recently leaked to the public in which an AT&T worker disclosed that current sub-par connections are caused by iPhones sucking too much power for AT&T transmitters to maintain proper 3G signals. Given this knowledge, Gillis feels the iPhone was clearly sold past network capacity creating problems that cascaded to every AT&T 3G users. The suit seeks class action status so that every California AT&T subscriber could receive compensation if they've experienced poor 3G performance. And in light of such 3G failures, Gillis points out that Apple's packaging should have a disclaimer to manage consumer's expectations. [AppleInsider]


I dunno what all the complaining about the iphone is about really. Here in atlanta I get perfectly fine reception, not always full bars but absolutely useable. I had a att tilt before this and the iphone absolutely kills the old win mo interface. Sure I would have to jailbreak to get some interesting stuff but the app store has plenty and so I dont really feel like i'm trapped in this unusable phone. and to be honest the signal strength near me is a lot stronger on att than it was with t-mo.

I guess people really do want these things to be jesus phones. I mean it's a great multimedia phone, i can walk to class while listining to Pandora and have class notes on pdf's. could use copy paste could use a mark all emails as read function but whatever thats just nitpicking.