Apple—and Twitter—Are Onto Fake Steve Jobs Tweeter @CeoSteveJobs

Illustration for article titled Apple—and Twitter—Are Onto Fake Steve Jobs Tweeter @CeoSteveJobs

We notice Phil Schiller isn't following @CeoSteveJobs, but that doesn't mean Apple's not aware of the parody Twitter account. Whoever's behind the account has been approached by Twitter on behalf of Apple, wanting the account taken down or changed.

It's the most popular fake Steve Jobs account (and there are many), but also one of the most popular parody accounts full stop—causing endless amusement to those who follow it, and those who see constant RTs in their feed of the witty observations of Apple's "revolutionary" launches. Whoever's behind the Twitter account has sent the emails from Twitter to TechCrunch, which state they must include the word "not", "parody" or something similar in the username to comply with Twitter T&Cs. Unfortunately all the good usernames have already been taken up—but unless this tweet complies, we might find that it's the end of @CeoSteveJobs. [@CeoSteveJobs via TechCrunch]

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Is the Android-hemorrhoid joke funny? Sounds like something a petty schoolboy would use as a taunt.