Apple App Store Developers Furious Over Crafty "Line Jumping" Application Names

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A few Apple App Store developers have apparently taken a page from the line cutting Steve Wozniak today, and are using a loophole in the service's naming conventions to shoot their apps to the top of the list. The story goes that certain developers are cutting to the head of the class with sneakily inserted spaces and quotation marks. One "offender" is Jirbo, Inc., which put a space in front of all of its games' titles. All Jirbo games now appear at the top of the alphabetical App Store games list.


Said one anonymous, and pissed-off App Store developer:

"As a developer myself with my own game on this list, I am extremely disappointed that these companies have essentially tried to step all over everyone else in order to promote their products, particularly Jirbo, Inc. who decided to put a space in front of all of their games' titles. I would imagine that as a consumer, these tactics would be equally perturbing as they screw up the integrity of the store."


Crafty, cheating or just plain smart? What say you?[Macenstein]

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Did Apple actually try any of their software and servers out prior to the release? This is a fairly rookie programming mistake by their group. You always remove leading or trailing non-alphanumeric characters before placing it into the database.