Apple Approves Vonage Mobile VoIP App

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Did our ranting and the FCCs investigation have an effect on Apple's app approval process? First they approved Spotify's streaming app, now they've approved Vonage's Mobile VoIP app? How about revisiting the Google Voice app while Apple's feeling nice?


According to CNET, Vonage is currently beta testing the Mobile VoIP app and expects to announce availability soon. Reports say that Apple is working with Vonage to settle a few technical issues with the software which made us curious. There have been statements from AT&T in the past that Apple may not actively assist developers in building a VoIP app:

Both parties (AT&T and Apple) required assurances that the revenues from the AT&T voice plans available to iPhone customers would not be reduced by enabling VoIP calling functionality on the iPhone."

This sounds more like Apple may not assist in VoIP over 3G, so will the soon-to-be-released Vonage app allow for VoIP over wi-fi instead? We'll be waiting to see what happens, especially since "approved" doesn't exactly mean "available" just yet in this case. [CNET]



I wonder if these companies develop these types of apps with the jailbreak community in mind as well because we can use it on the 3G side of the network.