Apple Arcade Just Released Early for iOS 13 Beta Users

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Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

If you’re an iOS 13.1 beta user who’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Arcade, it looks like you may be able to pop the hood on Apple’s subscription gaming service a full three days ahead of its official launch date.


The service began rolling out early to some users on Monday, according to multiple reports. Gizmodo was able to verify that Arcade was available as a new tab in the App Store on two devices running a beta version of iOS 13, replacing a tab previously reserved for Updates (those appear to now be nested under the user Account tab, that little round icon in the upper-righthand corner of of the App Store).

Apple confirmed to Gizmodo by email on Monday that all iOS 13.1 beta users now have access to Arcade.

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Screenshot: Gizmodo

From the Arcade tab, Apple prompts you to begin a free one-month trial before it begins charging the $4.99 per month subscription fee. (If you’re not interested in paying Apple five bones every month to access its games, make sure you cancel your automatic renewal in Subscriptions so that you won’t be charged when your trial ends.)

After activating, you’ll have access to dozens of brand new games, including a new version of Frogger, LEGO Brawls, Skate City, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and more. Arcade—which Gizmodo Senior Reviews Editor Alex Cranz says is pretty damn great and probably worth its $5 monthly price tag—will be ad-free and available for offline play on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, or Macs.

If you aren’t running a beta version of the latest iOS, don’t stress. Arcade will officially launch in the App Store on September 19. You’ll likely have to do an update to see it, but we won’t know for sure until Thursday.


Added comment from Apple.


I got it last night. It’s interesting how apple offers standalone apps for all of its’ half baked efforts but did not create a standalone ‘arcade’ app.

The arcade mini-store really could use better discovery: it’s own search, game leaderboards, play stats etc. Heck even a launcher contained in the app would be cool, as right now the games download as individual games - you have to find them in your menu and manually drag and drop them into a folder or whatever.

This is an imperfect example, but think of how annoying it would be if the podcast app lived in itunes exclusively and downloaded each podcast as separate files on your home screen?

A little self contained ecosystem would make it a lot more elegant, and would give them the ability to build out xbox live / psn style features down the road.  Game center usernames are kind of useless at best at this point..

All that being said the games I’ve tried have been great, and the $5/mo price for families is absolutely spectacular.

Just wish a dev would make match three type of game akin to those shitty f2p puzzle games - my wife is hooked on them but hits a wall because she doesn’t spend money on the games. So if there was an Arcade one with no microtransactions and ‘real’ progression she would love it.