Apple Bluetooth Headset Quietly Discontinued

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According to the Apple Store, the company's $100 Bluetooth headset has been discontinued. Does this mean Apple's planning on rolling out new stereo-enabled Bluetooth headsets with A2DP compatibility for iPhone 3.0 and iPod Touch?


It's not a product that we'd really kept tabs on, refreshing its store page every 10 minutes to note whether or not it was still for sale. But according to the MacRumors forums, Apple pulled the plug late last week. I actually don't know of a single person who used the headset (which is probably a testament to its quality or lack thereof), so this discontinuation is probably not the greatest loss to humanity. [Apple Thanks Brian!]

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I got one for my last birthday. It was reasonably good. Battery life was terrible, but sound quality was decent.

The icon indicating battery life on the iphone's screen was really nice, but the lack of a 3g dual dock was a major oversight.

Mine got stolen, so now I'm using a $50 Motorola, and it's actually much better.