Apple Considering Switch to AMD Processors?

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Apple has used Intel chips in their products since 2006 (and things have gone pretty well). But according to AppleInsider, Apple is in high-level discussions with AMD to adopt other processor tech.


In fact, Apple has been doing more than just talking; they've even been testing AMD chipsets in their labs.

How could this be, especially when Intel chips are currently outperforming AMD at a noticeable margin? A while back, DigiTimes reported that Apple was upset with Intel over chip shortages that forced MacBook Pros into a later than anticipated Core i5/i7 refresh. Plus, Apple is now settling for Intel integrated graphics in MacBook Pros following Intel's disputes with NVIDIA. AMD, eager for the business, could treat Apple as a grade-A client while simultaneously providing them with a cheaper product as well as superior ATI-based GPU solutions (since AMD owns ATI).

But—and this is just a hunch—while AppleInsider's intelligence sounds perfectly believable, the idea that Apple would really jump ship to AMD does not. If anything, these discussions could be nothing more than a threatening bargaining chip to gain better treatment for Intel. Well, that, and maybe a parachute for if and when things get worse. [AppleInsider]



Dear god, if I have to deal with another proc switch, my brain will 'splode.

We still have a couple of edit suites running on G5s and haven't been able to upgrade to FCP7 yet because of it. We're waiting for the next version to make the massive upgrade, and if that only lasts us a year or two, I will explain my sorrows to a bottle of Jack.