Apple Draws Blood With US Galaxy Tab Injunction

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The legal scuffling between Apple and Samsung had almost gotten boring; cases have been either summarily dismissed or been decided in far-flung parts of the globe. But last night, the hammer finally fell on Samsung here at home: no more Galaxy Tab 10.1s can be sold in the US, by court order.


The preliminary injunction (full text below) applies only to the previous generation of Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets, which is a little funny because the Galaxy Tab 2 is remarkably, almost embarrassingly similar. Sales of the original Tab will be suspended stateside just as soon as Apple ponies up a $2.6 million bond, designed to protect Samsung from losses should a higher court decide the injunction was uncalled for.

It's the biggest win yet for Apple, and while the blow might not be financially crippling to Samsung—honestly, how many of those were they selling anyway?—it certainly doesn't set a comfortable precedent. Samsung can and presumably will still appeal the case. Just right after it schedules another coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Galaxy Tab Injunction Ruling


Brian Barrett

Maybe the bigger question though: Do rulings like this help or hurt innovation? That's all that really matters to the people who end up buying these things.