Apple Dumping its 17-inch iMac for Beefier 20 and 24 inchers

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The folks at Apple Insider are reporting that Apple will soon ditch its baby iMac (17-inch model) to make room for new 20- and 24-inch systems. Like the MacBooks, the speed bumps on the iMacs are expected to be modest. The new models (which are rumored to arrive at the end of June) will also be accompanied by a new line of 24-inch Cinema Displays. Personally I think it's about time they ditch the 17-incher. People want wider and bigger, and even though the 17-incher is an entry-level machine, it'd be nice to see Apple make 20-inches a standard (without jacking up the price too much).

Apple's Next-gen iMacs to Add a Touch of Grace [AppleInsider]

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When the least expensive Mac is $600, sans keyboard, mouse, monitor, or just about anything except the system, you sort of get the sense that Apple is abandoning the 'mom and pop' part of the desktop market. Not that I can blame them since it is not particularly profitable - why not just let Dell (whose prices start at $350 without a discount) and the rest battle it for that low profit margin market. However, with the iPod (& iPhone) halo effect, now would be the time to dramatically expand market share if they wanted to by offering sub-$500 systems.