Apple Handed The Motherboard of All Patent Lawsuits

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Another day, another patent lawsuit. Today's below-bridge dwelling plantiff is Taiwanese company VIA.

VIA has filed suit against Apple claiming infringement of three patents they own. The patents in question are: US Patents Nos. 6253312, Method and apparatus for double operand load, and 6253311 & 6754810, Instruction set for bi-directional conversion and transfer of integer and floating point data.

Company CEO, Wenchi Chen says "We are determined to protect our interests and the interests of our stockholders when our patents are infringed upon." Hopefully the new patent law signed by the president will put an end too, or at least slow down these sort of antics.


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Actually the solution should be to let anyone filing for patent to prove it by actually making the thing for which they applied the patent. In that case, the patent is not awarded to the first one to file, or the first one to invent but the first one to MAKE. To prevent waste of money, they can set the rule to allow the inventor to file first and give him/her a set amount of days to make the patent reality. This will significantly reduce the amount of absurd and dreamy patents.