Apple Is Now Suing Samsung Over Autocorrect

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The seemingly endless litigation between Apple and Samsung continues with a report that Apple filed a complaint against Samsung in federal court this week.


According to PaidContent, the complaint filed in the U.S District Court in San Jose concerns two patents, which Apple was granted in December: 8,074,172 and 8,086,604. The first of the patents, "Method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations," appears to cover Apple's very nice, if frequently frustrating, autocorrect system. The second patent is called "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system." No word on what exactly the complaints allege this time or which Samsung devices in particular are under fire. As PaidContent points out, these complaints concern the actual functionality of iOS rather than merely the hardware design of Apple's devices. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

There are ongoing patent disputes between the two companies in at least 10 countries right now. In December, the Northern California court denied Apple an injunction against Samsung in the ongoing lawsuit over design patents in which Apple alleges that Samsung "slavishly" copied the design of the iPhone and the iPad. The injunction would have forced Samsung to stop selling phones and tablets in the United States for the duration of the lawsuit. More recently, the EU said it would investigate Samsung over unfair trade practices with regard to patents. [PaidContent via GigaOm]


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Apple is protecting it's designs as it should. Samsung APED the iPad, APED the iPhone and the going back and forth between to two companies seems to be on a personal level now. So Apple is trying to hurt Samsung's bottom line.

Go back to playing on your plastic droid phone and stop coming into the Apple articles and bitching and moaning like little schoolgirls.