Illustration for article titled US Court Rules That Samsung Can Keep Selling Galaxy Products... For Now

Galaxy fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief as Apple's request for a preliminary injunction against Samsung has been denied. But while the judge's ruling allows them to continue selling their products, it also suggests they infringed on Apple's patents.


So what does all this mean? For consumers it means you won't be seeing Galaxy phones and tablets disappearing from store shelves anytime soon. So hooray for choice! But seeing as a final verdict has yet to be reached, combined with the fact that Samsung was determined to have likely infringed upon multiple Apple patents (including their software patent for scrolling on touchscreens) it's likely that they'll end up having to pay a metric-butt-ton of royalties to them.


Given the scope of this ruling and the patents it upholds, it's likely that Apple could soon find itself in a Microsoft-esque position wherein they can just sit back and let the cash flow in, not that they need the money. [Reuters via The Verge]

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