Apple has been granted its first patent related to Liquidmetal, that futuristic metal with awesome plastic qualities. But the patent says that Apple won't be using Liquidmetal in iPhone and iPad casing, but rather as an internal component for fuel cells.


Why would Apple bother using Liquidmetal, a scratchproof, lightweight and superstrength material, on the inside of the phone? Because in this particular patent, it looks like Liquidmetal isn't the main attraction, fuel cells are.

Miniature fuel cells can last a helluva long time (30 days without recharging on a phone) but no one has quite figured out how to effectively build 'em. And the company that does, will probably end up with the longest lasting battery on the market. Maybe Liquidmetal, which would act as some sort of housing, is part of Apple's answer. [Patent via CultOfMac]

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