Apple May Have Bought Out The Designers Of iMuffs

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Rumor is that Apple bought out a small Bluetooth wireless headphone designer about two months ago. The company went by the name Wi-Gear, made a product called iMuffs, and is now mysteriously out of business.


9to5Mac speculates that Apple's plan is to begin building some nice new stereo Bluetooth headphones and the known details support this theory. After all, Wi-Gear's products were specifically designed for iOS devices and its co-founder Michael Kim is now suddenly an iOS Bluetooth Engineer at Apple.

Anyone else looking forward to some new iPhone accessories? [9to5Mac]



Well this could be good news. Apple clearly needs a new iOS bluetooth engineer. It's been almost 4 years and there is STILL no AVRCP support in their bluetooth stack. That's pathetic. I mean really, once they implemented A2DP this should have been there, the two are supposed to go hand-in-hand. What good is bluetooth audio if you have to keep fumbling around with a touch screen to change tracks?