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Apple Mighty Mouse - It's No Video iPod

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Well, we're all sitting around waiting for some great news to come out of Apple this season. What will it be? A media center? A cool video iPod? An amazing new software product? How about a white, shiny mouse.


Now this is no ordinary shiny mouse. It is the Mighty Mouse—what about the original Mighty Mouse? Are they infringing? Anyway, it has touch sensitive buttons and a unique scroll ball for a full range of motion as well as side buttons. But wait a minute. What's that I just said? Buttons? Are there two buttons? Four buttons, even? Somebody call Steve Jobs! Some madman is loose in the Apple mouse plant and is creating two button mice!

Priced at $49, this is pretty much a very cool mouse. It's no Video iPod, but whatever.


Product Page [Apple]

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