Apple OS X Leopard Wishlist

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You're all familiar with the features announced for Leopard at last year's WWDC: Time Machine, Spaces, and new iChat/Mail apps. But there's definitely going to be more.


Wired has a piece on core animation, the developer animation suite that will make regular apps sparkle.

Also, Computerworld is predicting an alliance between Apple and Google to incorporate some of Google's web apps into .Mac. That should make loyal users of the stagnant .Mac platform happy. Or at least content enough to keep shelling out for that address.


Here's our wishlist.

• Tight integration with iPhone. There's going to be iTunes and iPhoto integration for sure, but let's get some stuff like proximity detection, auto-file system syncing, auto-syncing of Mail, Safari, and even remote control of your Mac from your phone over Wi-Fi. Heck, why not make it a super fancy remote when you're watching AppleTV or FrontRow.

• A better Finder. Better known as FTFF. For something that integral to everyday usage, that thing sucks.

• Native Windows apps like Parallels. How about Apple just buys Parallels and integrates their development right into the OS? That'd be something.


Those are the big three. How about you? What would you like to see in Leopard?

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My wishlist is that is ships on the 11th, and comes with the new HD MacBook Pro I was finally able to order when my wife wasn't looking (Thank God for "girls day out"!)...

As for your iPhone integration. Since my buddy is a big shot at Apple's developer relations, I happen to know that the level is much higher than anyone thinks, but a lot of it is coming with Dot Mac, If you have a Dot Mac account and an iPhone then practically everything, including mail, bookmarks, key chains, etc will sync with iPhone and you Macs.

No new Finder, but something very much like Paralells is coming. Think Paralells "Coherence" idea, done the Apple way.

Now, if Jobs really reads this blog I think he's going to know who posted this, what with my screen name and all. If this post disappears over the weekend you'll know why. But, then again, I didn't give everything away, did I steve?