Apple Pitches Flag on HP's Land, Making Them the Largest Landholder in Cupertino

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After 20 years of using the 98-acre land in Cupertino, HP's given it up and moved down the road to Palo Alto. As Apple's lived next door since 2006, it was only natural for them to snap it up.

Apple now occupies 57 buildings in Cupertino, making them the largest landholder in the city according to their Public Relations representative Steve Dowling, who says "our campus is bursting at the seams." Rather than let some other two-bit computer manufacturer move into the hood, he says that "these offices will give us more space for our employees as we continue to grow."


Combining the two plots of land—the first purchased back in 2006, and the second being this ex-HP ground, makes the campus much larger than their Infinite Loop, which is just six buildings on a single street in a "U" shape. [AppleInsider]