Apple 'Punishes' McGraw-Hill For MSNBC Gaffe

Illustration for article titled Apple Punishes McGraw-Hill For MSNBC Gaffe

File this one under "Annals of Passive-Agressiveness": At today's iPad event, Apple scratched McGraw-Hill from the presentation slide displaying the various educational partners for the iPad, after McGraw Hill CEO Joe Biden Harold McGraw III blabbed to MSNBC about the iPad the day before the event. WAY TO SHOW THEM, STEVE! [Venture Beat]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

Steve Jobs is the one person you don't want to fuck with when it comes to things like this. And what did it get him? A few minutes on the 3rd rated news channel in the US? How foolish.

I'm sure they'll still go through with whatever deal was in place but still, that's gotta sting a bit.