Apple Replacing Stained Macbooks, One Fanboy at a Time

If you spend any amount of time online, you should know by now that Apple's been having some problems with its MacBooks, namely that big ugly stains appear on the palm rests. Needless to say, this makes the MacBook look pretty janky. Now it seems that Apple may be fixing the problem, at least on a case by case basis.

"He didn't even look at the MacBook to see the discolorations, he just gave me a new one," the customer wrote in a post on Apple's MacBook support forums. "I was so impressed that I used the money I was planning on using to pay restocking fees and invested into the applecare 3 year warranty."


Ok, so one case does not a recall make, but as history has shown before, Apple doesn't usually try to jerk its customers around if they're at fault. Best bet is to just keep bothering Apple until they get off their iPod-covered behinds and get into action.

Apple Replacing Some StainBooks? [The Cult of Mac Blog]

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