Apple Sued Class-Action Style for "Defective iPhone 3G"

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Enticed by those tricky ads, Alabama resident Jessica Smith rushed out to get one faster than the iPhone 3G's Google Maps could tell her where to go. After a month of it being slower than she expected, only able to touch 3G 25 percent of the time and an "inordinate amount of dropped calls," Ars says that yesterday she slapped Apple with a class-action lawsuit over the "defective iPhone 3G." While the idea of someone in Alabama using an iPhone might take a second or sixty to process, she actually lives in Birmingham, one of the state's few bastions of civilization, which AT&T has blanketed with solid 3G coverage (though congestion is always a possible issue). Given the huge amount of noise about the problems with the phone's 3G-and even Apple's tacit admission of the issue with the 2.0.2 update-she estimates in the suit that the class spans "perhaps tens of thousands" of people. The actual basis of the suit is that Apple broke its warranty that it would "perform adequately" on 3G. She's asking for Apple to be forced to repair or replace all "defective iPhone 3G" units, plus damages, interest on "monetary relief" and attorney's fees. The suit hasn't actually been made class action yet, but if it does, then this could get interesting. If nothing else, we might learn from the suit where exactly the phone's problems lie, and that might be worth the ride, even if it takes a long time to get there. [Ars Technica]


@mciarlo: Actally, Apple has had just as man failures as most companies. They are just really good at hiding it.

As for the Iphone 3G. It's a POS. My boss bought one and it died after 3 weeks. he's been on the phone now for 2 days trying to get it replaced, but neither Apple nor Rogers is willing to help him atm. Looks to me like he'll be back to a blackberry again soon (similar thing happened to him with the original Ipohne).