Apple's Sparking Power Supply Lawsuit Settled (Verdict: They're Paying)

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The class action lawsuit brought against Apple for PowerBook and iBook power bricks with the potential to spark has been settled. If the final approval for the settlement goes through, Apple will pay $25 to $79 to customers who "bought an adapter made by Apple or another company to replace a failed one." [LA Times, photo from Don Ramsey]



It's a damn shame that to get anything out of Apple you have to take the bastards to court.

I had a defective battery from Apple, got it exchanged, the *second* battery failed, got it exchanged. The *third* battery failed, and Apple helpfully informed me that the last battery only had a 90 day warranty since it was a recall, and I could either buy a new battery or GFY+DIAF.

The power supply failed too, and the fan.

Face it, OS X is a great OS but Apple's quality is slightly worse than Sony and Dell. They're just better at managing it (and capitalizing on it..."Buy AppleCare! Is Awesome! Great Success!").