Apps That Abuse Privacy Will Now Be Punished By the Law

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Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General, says the state has reached an agreement with Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM and others to prosecute developers who do not abide by new privacy policies. Basically, this new agreement will protect you from rogue apps that broadcast your data without your knowledge.

According to the NY Times, the new agreement will make developers post detailed privacy policies showing what personal information the app needs to access and in what manner such information will be used. On top of that, app stores will need to have a way for users to report apps that don't follow such instructions. According to California's Attorney General, if devs don't comply to the new policy, they could face prosecution under California's Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law.


This should be a good thing, as apps are now bound by law to respect your privacy. [NY Times]

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Hi, I'm you know who.

What a load of bull. It is a privacy 'policy' not a privacy 'law'.

It is intended to be a statement of how that entity plans to use the information you give it access to. And in this case it is between the user and Apple, not the third-party and the user. A rouge app accessing and uploading your data has nothing to do with Apple's privacy policy. Other than perhaps that they shouldn't allow unfettered third-party access to to your data. Yes there are agreements between devs and Apple regarding the privilege of using their marketplace, and the expectations of your app's behavior to be let in. But really, prosecution of someone who has no agreement with you? The only ones at fault in this scenario are Path and to a larger degree Apple for giving them access with out user permission.