Aquaman Has Already Made More Globally Than Justice League's Entire Run

Aquaman and Mera are impressed.
Aquaman and Mera are impressed.
Image: Warner Bros.

You know that cliche about how no one is impressed with Aquaman? Well, it might be time to retire it, because people apparently love Aquaman.


This week, Jason Momoa and James Wan’s Aquaman film passed a hell of a super milestone this week, passing the global total of Justice League at the box office. In just a couple weeks, the film is slated to make around $750 million worldwide, beating out the total worldwide run of Justice League, which came in at $657.9 million, according to The Wrap.

Box office numbers aren’t usually exceptionally interesting, but this one is striking, if only to show the sharp gap between Aquaman and its character’s last movie. It cements that the path forward for the DC Extended Universe, if such a thing continues to exist, is probably going to be more solo movies, at least for a while. With Aquaman and Wonder Woman doing so much better than their team-up counterpart, another team-up seems like a pretty distant memory. It helps that they’re much better, more fun movies.

Aquaman is in theaters now, and if they ever get The Flash to theaters, I’m pretty excited for it, at this point. The track record is promising.

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Counterpoint: If your universe's best movie is Aquaman, you've done something horribly wrong with everything else to date.