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Aquapac's latest earphones are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof down to a depth of 33 feet, and best of all, they don't have those terribly uncomfortable earplug-like eartips. Now Aquapac has decided to design comfortable silicone earbuds that surely must be a whole lot more wearable than their predecessors. Makes sense, since a watertight seal can be achieved without imitating swimmers' ear plugs.

Aquapac also includes a free headphone buoy with each pair of these phones, giving you a floating keyring around which you can wrap those messy headphone cables.


Before you watch those ships that go sailin', just don't forget to put your MP3 player in a waterproof container, too. Might we suggest an OtterBox?

Product page [Aquapac, via CrunchGear]