Archer Is Really Going All Magnum P.I. Next Season

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That amazing shot-for-shot remake of the opening to Magnum P.I. released yesterday wasn’t just a classic bit of Archer parody; it was a promise of everything to come in the show’s seventh season. Like seemingly every other genre show lately, team Archer is headed to Los Angeles, and they’re starting a detective agency.


In an extensive interview with Uproxx, Executive Producer Matt Thompson revealed that in order to make ends meet, the former Agents of ISIS (and the CIA, now that they’re blacklisted) will form a detective agency created by Cyril, finally putting his law degree to good use. Naturally, this means Season 7 will get ridiculously overt in its Magnum homages, as Cyril and Sterling clash over their newfound role reversals in the group, while the team is working together more than they ever have before. It was a natural turn for the show after the second season’s excellent Magnum P.I. parody in “Placebo Effect,” according to Thompson:

He may not talk about it as much as Burt Reynolds or others, but Archer always had a love of all things Magnum. “We were talking about how we wanted to introduce that fact. We’ve got a big change ahead of us, so the easiest way to do that, or the one that made the most sense to us, was to show Archer farting around, being Magnum P.I., and we just had a lot of fun with it.

If this means we’re getting an extended version of that trailer for a whole season, I can’t wait.

But there’s even more good news in the interview, as Thompson revealed some of the guest stars coming to the show: J.K. Simmons and Keegan Michael Key will star as recurring rival investigators seen at the fringe of many of Archer’s cases, Patton Oswalt will appear in multiple episodes as a dirty lawyer, and both Jon Daly and Jon Glaser will have roles.

It’s been so long since Archer graced our screens, but all this news just has me itching for it to be back right now. Archer returns to FX on March 31st.