Archer Returns With a Pitch-Perfect Magnum P.I. Spoof

Archer is nearly back! To celebrate, FX announced the show’s return with an absolutely incredible shot-for-shot remake of the opening to the Tom Selleck classic Magnum P.I., right down to the theme tune and the, err.. facial hair.


Turns out, in classic Sterling Archer style, this is just the vivid imagination of the Agency-formerly-known-as-ISIS’ top agent, using toys to explain his adventure to the team. But still, it’s a pretty damn incredible homage, and reminds us how much we’ve missed Archer’s zany antics. If you’re an international reader and want in on the fun, you can check it out below.

Archer returns for a new season of shenanigans March 31st on FX.



It’s embarrassing how much I’ve learned from Archer references. I love the way they drop the most random and obscure pieces of knowledge on you.