Archie Vs. Sharknado Is An Actual Comic That Is Actually Happening

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When did Archie Comics become the weirdest, craziest comic company around? The Riverdale icon is no stranger crazy crossovers — he’s recently gone up against the living dead, and earlier this week faced the goddamn Predator. Archie’s next crossover challenge? Syfy’s Sharknado. What?!


The 48-page single issue special is being made to drum up hype for this summer’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, which airs July 22nd. Written by Sharknado 3 scribe Anthony C. Ferrante and with art by long time Archie artist Dan Parent, the latest crazy chapter in Archie’s already seemingly disastrous/insane life (or, more likely, this is just an alternate reality of the Archie Multiver—wait what am I even saying oh god) finds Riverdale under threat from multiple Sharknadoes:

This summer, just in time for Syfy’s SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!, fans will see an unexpected, jaw-dropping twist to the Sharknado saga - in Riverdale USA! Just when Archie and the gang think they can kick back and enjoy a few months of beaches, naps and sun, they’re faced with a storm of sharknados - heading straight for their hometown of Riverdale. Archie and his friends have to battle the incoming pop culture storm as it creeps up the “Feast” coast to Riverdale - and then try to save what’s left of their hometown. Who lives? Who dies? Read the book!

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I genuinely can’t tell if this is great, the latest gutsy move in the Archie master plan, or if it’s jumping the shark for all these Archie crossovers. Well, jumping the sharknado, I guess.

Archie vs. Sharknado will be available in comic book stores and digitally July 22nd, day and date with the première of the movie, for $4.99.



And now, some other new comics! Coming soon!

  • Archie vs. Saw — when the serial killer Jigsaw sets up his latest trap in Riverdale, who among them is caught within it? Is anyone safe? And will Jughead eat his own leg to survive?
  • Archie vs. Grumpy Cat — the cat with a perpetual frown has gone from saving Christmas to dooming Riverdale! Will Archie fall to his feline foe? Will Grumpy Cat finally get someone to pet him? Who knows!
  • Archie vs. the Evil Dead — when Archie accidentally checks out the Book of the Dead from the library, he unleases a horde of Deadites and the only person who knows what to do is Ashley Williams! Groovy!
  • Archie vs. Archie — it’s a CRISIS OF INFINITE ARCHIES! How will Archie survive when he comes face to face with...himself? Starring: Vampire Archie! Zombie Archie! Werewolf Archie! Hipster Archie! Also Jughead!

I would totally read ALL OF THEM.