Are Apple Time Capsules Short Lived?

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Apple's Time Capsule allows you to back up all the computers in your house. But what's the point of a network backup server that stays alive for only 17 months and 17 days?

That's the average life span of the 125—and counting—dead Apple Time Capsules at The Apple Time Capsule Memorial Register. And all the users who registered those dead pieces of plastic and metal are saying that's not enough. I agree that the figure seems too low. But then again, like Matt Buchanan just said when he heard about it: "They're all using shitty Hitachi hard drives that aren't actually server grade, so color me less than surprised."


I say they all have a point. [Time Capsule Memorial via TUAW]

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The TC isn't backup. It's using _another_ HDD which is just as likely to fail as the HDD inside your computer.

Reliability wise, you're the same off with a RAID 1 array, which works faster. And that isn't considered backup either.

Backup is about transferring your data to a place where it is _safer_ than the place where it was.