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When I heard Battlestar Galactica came back, I avoided it. When my friends recommended it, I avoided it more. Finally, about two years ago, I gave in.


My wife and I started watching the mini series skeptically on a Friday night around 7pm, sitting down to pad thai and a few beers. We forced ourselves go to bed around 4am, leaving the story somewhere in the first season. For the remainder of the weekend, we partook in a gluttonous feast of sci-fi, scarfing it quickly and knowing the behavior was completely unsustainable and wastefully opulent.

I've often questioned just what makes the show resonate with so many people. It's, of course, a completely unfair question with limitless legitimate answers. One thing I've always appreciated is the props. Just as the original Star Trek or Lost in Space would glue together studio scrap to fill their sets on a shoestring budget, so too does Battlestar accentuate the futuristic with the contemporary and mundane. Mechanics wear stock ski goggles, Captain Adama drinks from Bodum glasses and the crew loves a good backwards sleeveless tee. It's a small point that ties Battlestar to its predecessors, an homage, intentional or not, that designs a future (or past?) unlike any we've imagined before.


Anyway, if you're reading this, you're probably watching the Battlestar Galactica finale tonight (or very soon). So our question of the day is a little different that just that. With such a complex lore, can Battlestar untwist its own enigmas before the show fades to black?

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