Aromatherapy Travel Pillow

Placebo or not, people seem to flock to anything with "aromatherapy" in the name. Take this aromatherapy travel pillow, which supposedly makes "uncomfortable long trips a thing of the past." This could have been useful to me since I'm about to fly halfway across the country for reasons unknown, but I guess we'll never know. Such is life.

The ergonomically designed pillow cushions your head and neck, helping to absorb the bumps and jolts associated with travel. That's not all: as you rest your tired head on the softness, a "soothing fragrance" of lavender (or any other scented oil) is released, calming your nerves and relaxing your senses. It's sort of like a muscle relaxer, but without the messy medical complications.


The pillow can be deflated so as to make it fit inside a small, pocket-sized bag, which is also included. It's available now for about $18.

Product Page [Paramountzone via Me, My Coke & I]

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