Arrow Will End After 8 Seasons This Fall

Oliver Queen is taking off the domino mask once and for all.
Oliver Queen is taking off the domino mask once and for all.
Photo: The CW

It’s the end of a massive era in superhero TV: The Emerald Archer is hanging up his bow.


Tonight the CW has confirmed that Arrow is coming to an end seven years after it introduced us to Stephen Amell’s take on Oliver Queen. The series, currently airing its seventh season, will return for an eighth and final run, consisting of 10 episodes, in autumn of this year. Amell himself took to Twitter to break the news, as well as thank fans for their support.

While it’s understandable—all things come to an end, and Arrow’s had a pretty solid run all things considered—this is still a bit of a shock to the system, if only because it’s not just the end of the show, but a whole chapter of superhero TV. Arrow was the progenitor of what would become an entire interconnected universe of DC superheroes on TV for the CW, executing the idea before (and arguably better than) its movie siblings in the DC cinematic universe could do so the big screen. Without it laying the groundwork, we wouldn’t have The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, or Black Lightning, or Batwoman on the way. We probably wouldn’t have some of the most delectably silly and fun comic book crossover events on TV between these shows, either.

Without its founding father around any more, the future of what the DC universe on the CW looks like is suddenly a lot less familiar. But for now, at least we know we’ve got a few more missions to enjoy with Ollie and his motley crew of vigilante friends. We’ll bring you more on Arrow’s eighth and final season as we learn it.

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This is arguably for the best: the fifth season pretty much wrapped everything up for the character, but then it kept going, resulting in a very subpar season six. Season seven has been pretty good, all things considered, and has resulted in a lot of great episodes (“The Slabside Redemption” was damn awesome), so I believe they thought it was better to go out on a high note then wait for the inevitable turn into badness. Plus, it makes more room for Batwoman.

Also, this definitely means he’s dying in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

My one hope for the last season is that they finally have Lady Shiva as the Big Bad to end all Big Bads...and have her played by Ming-Na Wen.