Artemis Fowl's Latest Trailer Ups the Bond Factor by Piling on the Action

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Artemis Fowl’s ragtag team of criminals.
Image: Disney

Artemis Fowl tells the story of how an insanely wealthy criminal mastermind—who happens to be a semi-sociopathic child—sets out with a brilliant plan to trick the world’s secret population of sentient magical beings out of their wealth. And now we know we’ll be able to watch it on Disney+ on June 12.

The original book runs with the idea that the titular character is meant to be a sort of Bond villain in the making, and the latest trailer for Disney+’s live-action adaptation makes clear that the film isn’t shying away from that action. In addition to laying out the broad strokes of Artemis’ plan (he’s got to trap and recruit a fairy and a thief in order to break past the magical world’s defenses), the new trailer also highlights the ways in which Artemis really isn’t an average moneyed youth. Beyond his innate brilliance, you see that the boy’s been training his entire life to learn multiple forms of combat all seemingly designed to prepare him for this specific moment in his life when his father mysteriously vanished.

What’s interesting, though, is that the new trailer also very heavily suggests that the movie’s plot is going to diverge significantly from the source material in order to make him out to be much more heroic than he initially was when things start getting, well, magically out of hand.


Artemis Fowl hits Disney+ on June 12.


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