Asiasonic AV7000 Car Headrest-Mounted AV System Could Be Bestest Ever

Asiasonic has shown off its AV7000, an AV system for cars that's installed in the front seats' head rests, viewable only from the back seats (safety first). Supposedly the "most fully equipped system in the world," (yawn) the AV7000 can be configured to run your DVD movies, music CDs and MP3s as well as play games with "3D graphics." Hot dog! The 16:9 widescreen LCDs are perfect for today's widescreen-friendly media, thus keeping your snot-nosed kids quiet for the duration of the road trip.

An AUX terminal lets you hook up external devices to the system and you're also able to hook up a digital TV module so your passengers can enjoy high-quality TV programming. Asiasonic says that the AV7000 can easily be installed in cars from numerous manufacturers. Odds of this reaching our shores? Anybody?


'Most Powerful in the World' — Asiasonic Unveils Headrest-mounted AV System [Tech-On! via]

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