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ASIMO Turns 10

Illustration for article titled ASIMO Turns 10

According to Honda, the world's cutest and most advanced robo-boy turned 10 today. Happy birthday, ASIMO. Next year Honda will turn you into a real boy!


Haha. Just kidding, ASIMO. That will never happen.

In any event, let's take a look at some of the things you've accomplished:

ASIMO was created 10 years ago as part of Honda's program of research and development into robotics and human mobility. After 10 years of innovation and development, it can now run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces, climb stairs, and reach for and grasp objects. ASIMO can also comprehend and respond to simple voice commands, recognize faces and even avoid moving obstacles as it runs. - Telegraph


The next phase of the ASIMO project is, unsurprisingly, going to focus on fine tuning the AI. Ultimately Honda hopes the ASIMO program results in a companion for the elderly or disabled; or as a 'bot that can tread where we weak-bodied human beings cannot. [ASIMO Anniversary Site via Telegraph]

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Just wait until the teen years. He'll be out all hours of the night with his friends walking up stairs, recognizing faces and who knows what else. It's gonna be a nightmare.