Ask Best Buy All Your Back-To-School Questions

Best Buy is having three Back-To-School Q&A sessions on their new website They're going on from 8-8:30 PM EDT August 27, 9-9:30 PM EDT August 29, and 1-1:30 PM EDT Aug 31.

Like a girl who teases you by flashing one boob quickly when your back is turned—what, wait, I didn't see it!—these chats only last a short time. A half hour each on three days? You'll probably only get 5, maybe 10 questions answered during that time if you're lucky. If you're unlucky and the guy types as fast as Brian Lam—Mavis Beacon V 17 is out buddy, get it—it'll be more like 3 to 5 questions.


Q: Why are your USB cables 10x MSRP?
A: Well...uh...

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