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Ask The Guy Who Built a 207 MPG Car in His Barn Anything You Want

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week, we showed you the Illuminati Motor Works Seven, a home-built electric car and Automotive X Prize competitor that gets an utterly astounding 207 MPGe. Today, we're hosting a live Q&A with Kevin Smith, who built the car, and journalist Jason Fagone, whose book Ingenious tells the engrossing story of the X Prize and the wily inventors who competed in it.


Kevin (appearing in the comments as IlluminatiMotor) and Jason (appearing as jfagone) will be here from 4-5PM EST to answer your questions about the car, the competition, and the future of the electric automobile. Take a peek at our story about riding around in the Seven, scan over the technical specs on Illuminati Motor Works' website, and ask your questions in the comment section below. It's gonna be electrifying.