The Astro A40 headset is an expensive set of cans designed for professional gamers. It's not really for you and me. The A30 takes what made pro nerds love it and brings it down to our level.


The A40's cost $250, which is completely nuts for a gaming headset. The A30's bring that price down to $149, which is still insanely expensive, but closer to what an enthusiast would be willing to pay for a really high-end accessory.

And while the A30 is cheaper and offers up features like a detachable mic so you can use them as normal headphones when you're done gaming, it doesn't ditch the amp and cords setup that made using the A40's with the Xbox such a pain. But if that doesn't bother you and you're looking for a really serious gaming headset that's versatile enough to be used for many different things, these look like they're worth checking out. [FastCompany]

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