ASUS Eee PC 1001PX: All Carbon Fiber

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It's no 14-hr battery life like ASUS' 1015 model, but the 1001PX is made from carbon fiber—just like those chopsticks you were admiring! Inside, an Atom N450 chip and 1GB of RAM hulk, ready for portable netbooking funtimes.


It comes pre-loaded with either Windows XP or Windows 7, with the XP model coming with a 160GB hard drive and 5-hour battery life, and the Windows 7 netbook a larger 250GB hard drive and 6-cell battery for 9-hours' life.

Apart from that, the rest of the configs are the same—three USB ports, VGA and ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, a webcam and memory card reader, with both weighing in at just over 1kg (2.65lbs to be precise). As the 1001PX leaked from Italy we've only got the European pricing for now, but the XP model looks good for roughly $325 (€241) and the Win7 doozy could be $400 (or €300 for the Sophia and Leonardos of Italy). [Notebook Italia via SlashGear]


Does anyone know if this is real carbon fiber or if it's just plastic that's made to look like carbon fiber? That wouldn't be the first time...

If it would actually be that affordable, everything would be made of carbon fiber.