We've had our eye on the R2H for some time now, and the folks at Only UMPC got to manhandle one of the first units to hit the market. (As a quick refresh, the R2H is Asus' take on an Ultra-mobile PC). The UMPC folks were initially impressed by the R2H's looks and overall design, but got their hearts broken once they powered it on. They complain about all the pre-loaded software (it takes about 2 minutes to boot up) and trash it performance-wise saying its like "using one of those old 386 or something." As for battery life, with wireless turned on the R2H crawled into UMPC heaven after 2 hours and 12 minutes. With wireless off it'll go for just under 3 and a half hours. Overall they go on to say the R2H is "really good for an UMPC," but won't replace your ultraportable. If you're into running multiple apps, stick with a Core 2 Duo-powered laptop over this 900MHz-powered UMPC.


Asus R2H: Detailed Review [via Only UMPC]

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