Asus Relents on Locked Transformer Prime Bootloader

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Just days after developers rightfully complained that the Transformer Prime would ship with an encrypted bootloader, Asus has backed down. Gentlemen, start your ROMs.

On its Facebook page, Asus says the bootloader had to be locked to provide you with certain content services. And it's true that if you choose to employ the (release-date-TBD) Transformer Prime unlock tool you'll be frozen out of Google video rental through the Android market. Oh, and you'll void your warranty. But at least you'll be able to do whatever your want with your own personal property, which is kind of the point of owning something in the first place, no? [XDA DevelopersThanks Seth!]

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Just curious, is it easy to restore the Transformer Prime back to a locked bootloader if it ever needs warranty service?

I guess a comparison would be jailbreaking an iPhone- Apple says jailbreaking will void your warranty, but it's easy to restore it and lock it again, as if it never happened.