Asus U2 Laptop Rocks So Much Harder Than Bono

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Asus has taken the gloves off, and with the world's eyes on the company in the wake of the widely successful Eee PC, they have the opportunity to upsell us with the sleek laptop designs they've promoted for a long time now. Their U2 notebook is ready for the challenge, a 11.1" widescreen Centrino laptop featuring a slew of technologies to support portability and functionality.


For instance, the display, now LED backlit, shaves 1/3 the weight off traditional LCDs all while burning through less battery. A 32GB solid state hard drive is more durable, responsive and, also, energy efficient. Neither of these technologies are ground breaking, having made their first appearance in other laptops before, but when placed in a smaller form factor, you get a premium system that weighs just 2.75lbs. And the "seamless" webcam/display integration and the leather detailing become the cherry on top. No word on price at the moment, but we estimate the price to be around that of Bono's golden...self-portrait-on-ass underwear heart. [fareastgizmos]

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Looks like the successor to their U1 series which launched earlier this year. Same 11.1" WXGA screen like the Vaio TZ, so 1366x768 resolution.

The U1 didn't have an optical drive, this probably won't either. Though the 13.3" U3 didn't have one, the 12.1" U6 did so maybe they'll change this.