At Giz Gallery: 103-Inch Plasma

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The big piece, out of 30+ devices, in our show is supposed to be a 103-inch Plasma from Panasonic, which we weren't sure would fit in the door. We found out it DOES fit, only a few days ago, but lo, we also found out that we are in deep doo doo when it comes to powering this 1500 watt monster. To even turn it on, we'll need the help of an electrician in NYC who can run a dedicated power cable for us. Here's where I beg for your help. Update:Not one but THREE Giz readers emailed to volunteer. They are heroes, and they have my thanks. The kids getting Toys from Toys for Tots also thank them.


Our place, REED ANNEX, is cool but not built to house a gadget that sucks the juice faster than the containment vault in Ghostbusters. I said 1500 watts, which is about a hairdryer, but that's 1500 watts at 220 volts. Using 110 volts upconverted, we need to be ready for 5000 watts of power. To actually power up the TV, we need an UL certified electrician to go down to to our space and run a cable for us sometime between now and next Tuesday. Otherwise, the TV will remain dark for the entirety of the show, and we'll be forced to play imaginary Gears2 deathmatch with all the readers that stop by. If you're a Giz fan that works as a professional electrician or knows someone who can lend us their expertise, PLEASE EMAIL ME. THANK YOU.

For those of you wondering why we don't just hire someone and pay them, well the gallery is a low budget fund raiser for Toys for Tots and we're already stretching what we can spend, including my own out of pocket contributions.

[Thanks to REED ANNEX and thanks to our benefactor]

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If you read this really cool tech blog called Gizmodo, then you would know it was 220v. See, they talked about it in August right here:


Or, alternatively, Wilson should have told you.