At Least Climate Change Will Bring More Icebergs to Kitesurf Over Like a Badass

Climate change threatens to affect everything from the food we eat, to straight-up making the planet inhabitable for humanity. But our self-wrought apocalypse isn’t all bad. As the ice caps keep crumbling, they’re creating lots of icebergs we can use for badass kitesurfing stunts.


Geza Sholtz headed to Greenland to capture these amazing shots of kitesurfing around giant mountains of floating ice, but give it a few years and icebergs will be making their way down to more temperate climates for those who’d prefer not to freeze. Don’t wait too long, though, because those ice caps aren’t going to last forever.


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Sparky Polastry

This gives me a marvelous business idea; I’m off to buy a chopper to airlift-in kitesurfers onto glaciers.

Gonna call it GLACSURF. Who’s with me???!!!