The Kids’ Climate Case Will Not Be Derailed, Trial Begins in Two Weeks

On Monday, a judge ruled that while Donald Trump can’t be named as defendant in the kids climate lawsuit, the trial will go on. It sets up a historic courtroom showdown in two weeks that will pit youths’ constitutional rights to a stable climate against the federal government and its inaction on climate change.

Activists Who Shut Down Pipelines Win an Unlikely Victory: A Judge Who Will Hear Them Out [Update: And Acquit Them]

In 2016, five activists decided to do what they could to stop climate change: They all headed to one of four sites across the U.S. where they turned some valves and illegally shut down five key pipelines shipping crude oil across U.S.-Canada lines. They are known as the Valve Turners.

Why These Environmentalists Are Protesting Jerry Brown’s Climate Summit

The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), which kicked off in San Francisco Wednesday, marks a major ratcheting up of the local and state-level revolution against the Trump administration’s backslide on climate action. The way Governor Jerry Brown—who launched the event—sees it, states like California don’t need the…